30 Days of Writing: Day Thirteen

Day 13. Lucky number 13. I moved again today, from one house into another. This one is just a lay over until I move yet again. I am going to keep this post pretty short because I am exhausted and I think sleep would be better than me writing. I love writing. But I LOVE [...]

30 Days of Writing: Day Nine

Day 9. I find this challenge getting more difficult every day. I thought I would find momentum after a week and it would just all start flowing out of my finger tips, but alas that is not the case. I am fighting through over a year of creative inactivity. I know deep down, though, that [...]

Hobbies and Habits

I figured my readers would get a kick out of how I spent my day today. So I have been mulling over ways to help me be more creative and ways to better spend my free time while at school. While I adore writing it can be pretty draining and I was looking for something [...]