30 Days of Writing: Day Eight

I hear it in the distance Like a far off wind chime Like an approaching whistle Too far out to tell when and how Too close to understand it at all When it arrives All plans are off When it arrives The future will be bright When it arrives I'll be unprepared, unready, undone Swept [...]

Reckless Abandonment.

If you have a calling on your life and you are not aligning yourself with that calling you are doing no one justice. I think there is a reason that trust and change have been on my heart so much lately. And by so much I mean over the last two years. This has been [...]

Before we know it.

Before we know it today will be tomorrow. Your child will be talking and walking and dancing and graduating. Before we know it your days of hard work will pay off. Before we know it another generation has passed by. Before we know it you have traded Pokemon cards for cigarette butts. Before we know [...]

Hobbies and Habits

I figured my readers would get a kick out of how I spent my day today. So I have been mulling over ways to help me be more creative and ways to better spend my free time while at school. While I adore writing it can be pretty draining and I was looking for something [...]

New Year. Another New Start

My dear readers. I must sincerely apologize for the lack of dedication to this blog that I have recently displayed. First you should know that the changes I am making around this website are still up in the air, I am trying a few different ideas and I will see what sticks. But in reality [...]