Thy Will Be Done

If you know me, I don't think you would deny that I can be a bit of a "willful" person. I do not like being told what to do. And goodness do I have some fiery opinions. I will try to keep the "Christianese" to a minimum, but there are certain phrases that while foreign [...]

30 Days of Writing: Day Eight

I hear it in the distance Like a far off wind chime Like an approaching whistle Too far out to tell when and how Too close to understand it at all When it arrives All plans are off When it arrives The future will be bright When it arrives I'll be unprepared, unready, undone Swept [...]

30 Days of Writing: Day Two

Day 2...   Sweet like wine It flows so smooth Influencing so quick Overpowering my senses Impairing my judgement What was yesterday Couldn't be further away From what is today, Now. Maybe Forever more. I cannot stop drinking I know the taste I'm craving more. I don't feel like myself I cannot remember Who that [...]


Months Pass By. 7 to be exact. Arduous, grueling 7 long months. Without a whisper Without a word No sound to be discerned Too frightened to begin anew Too scared to start again Too alive to dream dreams Too awake to paint poesy 7 months passed by, I won't allow another 7 Pass me by [...]

I wish

I wish upon a little star in the night's sky. That I can put down these assignments. And for once, completely be who I am supposed to be. I truly wish I could do what I love to do. And put all of my time effort into writing full-time. I am fearful though, that when [...]