I wish

I wish upon a little star in the night's sky. That I can put down these assignments. And for once, completely be who I am supposed to be. I truly wish I could do what I love to do. And put all of my time effort into writing full-time. I am fearful though, that when [...]


And thus the mountains have faded away Since, I have searched feverishly for something To take their place I grew tired and weak So lonely as I began to weep My soul cried out: wailing and moaning Wandering aimlessly in a friendless crowd Time passed by, the World seemed to erode and Every piece of [...]

Descending Road

Intimidating as it may be As painful as it seems For every line penned Another awaits its needs Scribble on and scratch away Your emotion will not be displayed Try with all your might Organize all of your thoughts As long as you maintain the focus Solely on you. There is nowhere you can leap [...]


Curious you may ask Strange indeed it is true A love so refining Has led me straight to you Restore, Redeem, Renew Taking what is old and replacing what is blue My rhyme scheme is childish, lazy through and through Still none can deny the beauty that is only found in You