And thus the mountains have faded away

Since, I have searched feverishly for something

To take their place

I grew tired and weak

So lonely as I began to weep

My soul cried out: wailing and moaning

Wandering aimlessly in a friendless crowd

Time passed by, the World seemed to erode and

Every piece of me groaned

Course, rigid and tough my exterior shown

An empty case, visibly unbreakable

Truthfully, more fragile than a

Sand dollar freshly formed

Emotion became its own entity

Separating everything that I am

Survival, selfish-desire were all

That remained.

Mocking as I went on my way

Depression tasted, anticipated my sweet


Hiding in the corner, cringing in the

Dark. The mountains began to rise

Battle after battle I had lost

My Hope melted

My Faith tossed away

My Love drained

Still the Mountains rose to the war

It hurt so very bad, They slowly

Outgrew the shell I had encased

Them in. Ripping, taring, cracking

The crust fell to the ground

Light began to shine. A sun rose

Covering my whole with searing heat

I was in fear. I was confused.

I was born anew…

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