I have a strong feeling that I have discussed this topic in detail before. Changes.

Quick side-note. My life has been absolutely non-stop since my vacation in Vermont the first week of August. My fingers feel lazy and sluggish as they drag across my keyboard. That is a little bit frustrating to me but all the busyness is and was worth it.

There is so much on my heart and mind of late and most of it has to do with changes. One of my Best Friends slash writing buddy Nate Forte was married over this past weekend. I was in the wedding and it was wonderful! Beyond that the first day of classes is today. I don’t actually have any today so tomorrow is my first day back in class at Eastern since I left Colorado. The summer ended. My dear friend and usual roommate is leaving for Austria in two short days. I moved to a different part of campus this year. A whole new class of freshman is trying to display its dominance on campus.

Roles are changing. Relationships are changing. Directions are changing. We are all growing.

Isn’t this one of the most terrifying and restoring truths plaguing humanity?

Constant change. I deny whole heartedly that change is the only constant. My entire faith basis would be in fault if that were so.

But I do believe that as humans it is one of very few elements of life that each and every one of us encounters constantly and drastically.

One of the many awesome things about change though is that we never truly will know the outcome until we are looking back at the past.

When we are very young we desire for life to stay the same. I remember as a young boy I would always dream of a future where my “deepest” friendships are all in tact. A status quo of stability achieved.

Now if life had panned out in the way I desired it to when I was 10 I would be an entirely different person. And as far as I am concerned and entirely boring person.

I know look forward to the inevitability of not knowing the future. My anxiousness, my nerves, my fears and my humanity do not do my heart and mind justice. They display insecurities covered in lies.

Even sitting here now at my desk I am enthralled at the possibilities this semester can bring forth. More than that I am invigorated with not having any idea what is to come next.

Without change my dear friends how can we ever expect opportunities to improve. Opportunities to grow. To be fruitful. To experience.

Be open to change when it happens. Allow it to be a natural process. Rest your fears in the hands of God and move on.

Continue to love those who surround you and the changes that bite or sting will be lessened. You will see from a new perspective.

An otherly perspective that strips your selfishness away.

I have much more to say on this but I am losing my train of thought. Let’s talk in person.


Much Love



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