Perfect Writing Atmosphere

I don’t usually do this but the following poem is one I just wrote in my personal journal for poetry. It feels right to share though. Feel free to leave comments and thoughts:

Smoke is billowing out as it

Spins and dances to my eyes

I drink it all in

Life has become fully steeped

Saturated to its fullest capacity

Revelations are pronounced

Truth is heard by every ear

Am I happy in this existence?

What has gone awry and why do

Children continue to expel cries

I swore all had finally been set right

Where then does this emptiness arise?

My two ears have found the Truth

My own heart is captivated by the proof

My body has been so terrifically healed

Yet all around others are still crippled by fear!

Scars of hurt run across every single vein

Ears have been deformed, lips sealed shut

No Freedom to be heard, no Liberty to be spoken.

Experience first hand is all that is known

I feel so whole, content…and alone

Resting in my hands is Their demise

I’ll watch idly by, “Enjoy the taste of lies.”


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