Mac, Cheese and Smoothies

What another beautiful day it is here in Colorado Springs. Obviously if you are not here you wouldn’t quite understand what it is like to be driving to and just peer out your window and have your senses over come with the massive majesty of Pike’s Peak.

It almost seems to be staring right back at you with an awe-inspiring intensity.

Today I just want to encourage those who are reading my words. I want you to understand who God is and why you are so very loved.

He empowers us all to do works we could never expect to complete alone. He makes us who we are. This is hard to express and fathom so let me try and take you through the creative process.

You may not be a writer but I know without a doubt that you have an imagination. You can and do create. Create, something no other species on Earth can accomplish. You can create and manage and love.

So let us create a character. Reach into the depths of your ideals and values and lets make a character who is absolutely despicable. You hate every action committed and the majority of the thoughts that your character conceives. This character is everything you desire not to be. This character is not right. They are wrong by all standards.

Get to know this character. Know them. Everything about them. His or her deepest darkest secrets and most mundane of daily routines. Learn it all.

You now know this character maybe better than you know yourself. Try and kill him or her off. Pretend like you are not connected to this character. Pretend like you don’t harbor sympathy for this creep.

Maybe you are malevolent enough to actually hate the essence of your character. I know that I am not. I can bring this character to justice sure, but if I know my creation well enough I will cringe at its demise. The character is mine and it would be a lie to disown my own creation.

I am not sure this analogy worked out as well as I wished but what I was trying to convey was that God as creator loves us beyond our deeds and poor choices.

The whole point was to say that you are loved and need to be encouraged beyond your circumstance. I fully understand the pain of circumstance and you need to not be stifled by what is happening around and sometimes in you. Be strong.

You are a developing character, one who is adored by the greatest author of all time. Your story is still being written, though. You may not know what is in store but in a few chapters you may look back at your pain and frustration and stagnancy and find it was all worth while.

The Plot is never fully developed until the conclusion. Strive on little character there is always more to come. More to be revealed. More to learn.

This is a character driven plot and you are the main focus. The events that occur, they only play off of who you are and who you are becoming. Never stop striving and embracing His love.

Much Love


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