Awesome God

Have you ever considered the phrase salty-sweet? I think of tears when I hear this. Of course tears taste like salt, straight salt. But I argue that every time one of the slow streams trickle onto my lips and are lapped up by my tongue, I am tasting the sweetest sweet. I’m tasting a flavor of life, a physical expression of true emotion. Whether they are tears of suffering, grief, exhaustion or joy, they are all sweet.

Think about it: how many other ways does a human have to blatantly say to the world around them…I AM and I FEEL. It is a gorgeous painting waiting to be seen, a satisfying novel waiting to be written, a story waiting to be told. So cry on. Victims, lovers, mothers, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, victors, champions, losers, broken-ones, rich, poor, strong, and weak alike. Cry on.

Recognize as that emotion flows. Grace has been poured down, all over you. Those tears, those magnificent tears have been expelled by another. He declared. I AM. I AM. and now I WILL SAVE.

So where does this sweetness play in? In the fact that your tears are never wasted. You are heard. You are seen. Whether out of a heart of thanksgiving or one diluted by strife and insecurity. You will be provided for! Have Faith my friends!

Perhaps the only thing sweeter than the taste of tears is having them wiped away by another. By one who looks at our emotion and smiles at what you have become and what you will continue to become. By one who is perfection. An Awesome God.

Much Love


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