Poetic Narrative Part 3

This is the third part to my Poetic Narrative I have been working on for awhile. I suggest you read the first two parts first. Just click the links below to catch up…Then proceed to enjoy part 3.


Part 1

Part 2



So very alone.

Even the drunks would stagger by chuckling to their satisfaction

I had no declaration to make that could retain my sanity

Maybe my next step was to plunge

Plunge into the depths of insanity with a rising laughter.

At the sound of my own voice, the ocean surged up and I wept.

Cried, sobbed and grasped my melancholy disturbance by the neck.

I could handle no more but all was stifled with a single roaring of the wind.

My head pivoted and followed the howling breeze. A dim light was set apart

Down the road a candle shook in the distance. It seemed to tremor to and fro

With excitement and glee. A door opened and crashed closed. Extinguished,

Was the slight warmth that left me with a crooked smile.

I needed and yearned for more so I stood for something new.

A new desire to fill holes left from the forbidden of old.

The stone path was like sand as I stumbled for balance

I had to cross the street and stumble forward to reach what I yearned to find.

The closer I came the heavier I felt as my very weight dragged me to the ground.

Falling did sting but I crawled on scraping and ripping apart my knees.

Why was this so hard?

Minutes seemed to turn to an eternity as I struggled toward my goal.

When I finally reached the door I found it to be glorious and strong.

Carved with the finest of designs, it seemed to create its own heat.

I leaned my worn face against its sturdy and powerful form.

Slowly I let my fingers creep up towards the handle, to open.

Open my entrance into freedom.

My hand clung loosely to the knob and with what strength I had left

I twisted and pushed with all my might. I was still alone and the door


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