Dull Ache

I feel so very distant.

Detached, stilled and on mute.

The moments are all rushing by.

I’m on a train headed cross-country

My ticket has been paid, I’m all tied in.

You wouldn’t think death to be this comfortable

Plush chairs, warm blankets and a waiter for my needs

Any thing that I may desire is met as the coals feed the

Fires. Fire is spreading and consuming every vacant seat.

I am spared, I am cool, calm and collected.

Could someone turn down that pesky air conditioner?

Everything is up in flames but I have no plans to move.

What if I poured water, cleansing water and made steam?

That would go against my nature, my dull aching nature.

Eventually I will too turn to gray ash. That would be bearable.

More bearable than escaping from this dull painfully numbing ache.

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