Its All About The Timing

“I’m just a Dreamer but I’m hanging on…” – The Tallest Man on Earth

Let us have a little chat, you and I. (Before we do that you should know that it is April 1st and the temperature is a high of 75 today and a high of 80 tomorrow…I love Colorado Springs)

I may be one of the most introspective people any of you will every meet.

(My buddy Preston likes to joke that he doesn’t have Introspection..He talks about it like it is some sort of disease.)

And if Introspection is a disease then I am officially terminal. So while I am spending all this time learning from life and pondering existence and God and all sorts of other thoughts you may assume that I am certainly a patient individual.

FAT CHANCE (Is that the idiom? I am not sure.)

Nonetheless, I am not a very patient person and it is something I constantly am asking God for…I believe I wrote a poem about it on this blog about a year ago, feel free to go and read it…

I try very hard to be patient with life and all of its circumstances but some days I find it absolutely unbearable and infuriating. Those are the days that I look back on and become humbled. Day after day and night after night it is becoming more and more apparent to me that in fact the best timing in life is that of one that is divinely orchestrated. By that I mean God’s timing is always perfect, spot on. God’s timing is more perfect than anything my feeble and selfish mind could come up with.

I am continuously experiencing moments that I am blown away by because of how they were so perfectly timed. So let me go into a bit more detail by what I am referring to when mentioning Divine Timing.

As recent as last week I have had prayers answered in ways that have smacked me directly in my face. I will be slightly discrete in the retelling of this story but as of last Thursday I began verbally praying for God to change my heart and my perceptions. Later that night I met someone for the first time (On a sort of Blind Date) and we had an awesome time. Beautiful deep conversations. I went away from that experiencing with an unbelievable revelation about myself.

The next morning I prayed once again for God to change my mind and my heart and as I said that prayer I realized that He had done just that the night before during my conversation with my Blind Date. It took me a full day to realize what He had done.

I promise you this is a prayer I have been praying for years. Years, my friends. And in one swoop, God grabbed my shoulders and said, “My son you are ready”… He turned my entire body into a new direction.

That same day I was still processing God’s work in my life and I went out to coffee with a dear friend of mine. This person and I had not spent time with one on one before and we had what was one of the most meaningful conversations I have had in years. God worked through this person to take my revelation from earlier in the morning and solidified it in my very essence. I was blown away by the way God was working.

This may not seem particularly amazing to you, my dear reader, but if we were to sit down and I spoke to you in complete vulnerability how God had changed my heart so dramatically and so firmly in a matter of hours you would understand in full.

Now I have two choices. I can be angry with God for taking so long to change my perceptions. Or I can do the opposite and realize that my God has been working in my life day in and day out for this change. It has been an unbelievably long process and it is one that will continue for the rest of my life but I know that had God brought either of these people who spoke absolute Truth into my life at an earlier moment I would not have been prepared.

I challenge you my friends to look into your lives. See what it is that you are waiting for. And pray. Begin to thank God for His timing because it is all about the timing. His Timing just happens to be flawless. That my friends is the best type of anything…FLAWLESS.

I will leave you with this last thought….Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a FUTURE.”

Much Love


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