That Surreal Pitter-Patter

For once I have experienced Beauty outside of its paradoxical Nature

For once I have felt the cold cleansing wash without any pain

The aroma has placed before me the sweetest of all the notes

An orchestra is leading me to dance into each purified drop

I can no longer distinguish rain from tears

Their marriage on my cheeks have calmed that fierce storm.

I am crushed under its gentle and refreshing touch.

I wonder if my shirt can be saturated; if my soul can absorb it all.

Free to be birthed into a new me, I take what I have lost to the open field.

The journey is long and the struggle rough but on it pours; I am soaked.

For once I have seen, tasted and lived a walk that is unburdened.

There is nothing like that Mountain Rain filling the Spring Air.


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