A Poetic Narrative Part 2

Where do I go now?

The thoughts began to fill my sullied mind. They filled up every crevice and crack but it was all hollow to me. My dreams, aspirations and desires seemed to me as unforgivable folly.

I could sit here and rebuild my life on straw but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that everything will eventually snap. Snap, leaving me crushed and more broken than before.

I had lost my drive, my concern, I let my arms hang limp and my legs stretch across the path. I sagged. Selfishly, I sagged.

I had now seen myself and could only breathe in the smog filled air.

I once had what others called faith. A belief in something; not in this blood stained soil. Belief in something greater than this wretched existence. A belief that took effort to maintain.

Pain-staking effort. More than I could ever afford.

Do I reach for this faith now? Even if it saves me from this well, will it be worth how much I have to pay?

The stench of the sewer had become too much for my stomach and my time was fading away.

My questions were left unanswered. There was no saving to be done. I was the epitome of alone.

So very alone.

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