Taking a Break

So I am home. I wont be learning at Eastern again until next August. Now, that is a weird feeling. Leaving behind my most beloved home to try something new. I am glad it is now that I am doing this though. This winter break is only five weeks long but I would love to make the most of it and work to my full potential each day.

I am on a break, well not truly because I still have commitments. But I should be on a break from my usual stress of classes.

How do I grasp this break and use it? I start by setting goals, I guess.

What those goals are going to entail. I am not entirely sure. One goal is to finish this poetic narrative I am working on. There are a couple parts left.

I’ll come up with some more goals and probably tell them to you. Set some goals for yourself.

Even if you aren’t on break, set goals. Use the goals to keep you focused on what is most important. Okay?

Blog readers dismissed

Much Love


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