Living out Death

This Mountain is crumbling It watches as its pieces crush Scurrying the masses follow Their own deeds to the depths   This Mountain is crumbling Killing those who stand in its way Years, Decades it will take ‘Til the heart of it can be seen   This Mountain is crumbling The boulders built to protect [...]

Swelling Emotion

It starts in my belly. The wave builds momentum and strength. It rises slowly and steadily with growing power. It reaches my throat. I can't seem to swallow because of the immense force pushing upwards. My heart is bleeding a river and my mind, dreaming a typhoon. My eyes are drowning. My nose is leaking. [...]

In Nature’s Way

To your Grace Lord: let it pour on down Heavier then the most fearsome typhoon Flood my life, my heart and every desire In Nature’s way let there be no remorse Consume my very being. Captivate my only soul I have no regret, take from me what is mine Strip down my pride and reveal [...]