Living out Death

This Mountain is crumbling

It watches as its pieces crush

Scurrying the masses follow

Their own deeds to the depths


This Mountain is crumbling

Killing those who stand in its way

Years, Decades it will take

‘Til the heart of it can be seen


This Mountain is crumbling

The boulders built to protect

Are turning people into dust

Leaving no one left to trust


This Mountain is crumbling

It will murder as it decays

Cowering behind its walls

Heart and Soul need to be freed


This Mountain is crumbling

It has hidden far too long

Not much longer can it last

It’s been living out death.

2 thoughts on “Living out Death

    1. Background…Well I want people to draw their own conclusions but. This Mountain is a person to me. A person who has built up walls to hide for any number of reasons…The person continues to live that way though. Little does the person realize that everything will come to light no matter what they do. The thing is though. as the walls fall down they will crush those around the hidden person. They will harm those the person loves.

      I am working on a parallel poem. =]

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