Descending Road

Intimidating as it may be

As painful as it seems

For every line penned

Another awaits its needs

Scribble on and scratch away

Your emotion will not be displayed

Try with all your might

Organize all of your thoughts

As long as you maintain the focus

Solely on you.

There is nowhere you can leap

No place to ascend

Your fate is a tragic one

Lonely and cocooned

You love like no other

Yet love is not for you

Continue in your gratifying ways

Put up your walls; separate them all!

Dive deeper, farther, faster within.

Get lost, defeated. Alone with your fears

Priorities are straight

It has all been put in order

You have dug your own grave

Sunk and lost the battle

Your frustrations are clear

Regrets are so near

Take one last breath

And one more step



Get Real.

2 thoughts on “Descending Road

  1. Good to hear from ya KJ!
    This one I take no credit for.
    Not that I take any credit for my writing.
    Just praying daily that God use my fingers for his kingdom.

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