A new question is sitting on my heart. One I have always assumed I knew the answer to. One that seems so obvious it has been overlooked. Not just by me but by us all.

The question is simple.

Is He enough?

Through the turmoil. In the pain of it all. When it seems you could not feel anymore alone.

When your heart is shattered. When your form is tattered. Exhaustion has become normal. Love seems exceedingly distant.

Lies are staring from every corner.

And all you want is to be content. But no matter what you do you seem to slip further. Slip faster. Fall deeper.

You know the magic answers. Your advice seems to pour on over because you know the answers to it all. Then. When you are out of options and more desperate than you have ever been in your life.

Then. Is. He. Enough.

This is the deepest of doubts. This is where it all comes from. Like a fresh spring it continues to bubble until the surface is pouring out water.

If your doubt remains here. At the deepest of Truth.

What will you do.

I pose this question to myself as much as to you.

Is God Enough?

When you are alone, you are persecuted. Your water has run dry. Your food has all spoiled. There is no shelter and the thunder is crashing louder than ever before.

With every strike of lighting your fear is increasing. Doubling. Tripling. And this question remains.

Is He Enough?

You have poured out all of yourself. There is nothing left to give. What has been given back is fruitless. You are broken. Without any more steam. Doubts are filling up that you could never have fathomed.

Is He Enough?

When you are successful. When you are loved. When you are admired. Trusted. Appreciated. Honored. Your Self-Worth couldn’t be any higher.

Is He Enough?

This is a hard question to ask. Even worse is asking it when you have no choice but to ask it. I pray that this be a question asked before it is required.

Now that I am asking this question of myself. I know that the answer has to be yes. If the answer is not strictly yes. Something is wrong.

Search with me my friends. See the Truth for what it is.

Find out now. If He is Enough for you.

He needs to be for me.


Much Love


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