There are some aspects of the Human Condition that will remain for all endurable time as incomprehensible.

There has always been a topic that has been very hard for me to approach. I am about to do exactly that though. I will be in prayer the entire time that I do so.

The topic my friends is loneliness.

Peculiar that I would title this post Love. Well I will be honest with all of my readers. There is only one single avenue to overcome the devastating power that coincides within loneliness.

And that is love. Love, simply.

So why is this topic so hard for me to ponder. So difficult for me to stare directly into?

Because it is something I fight against far too often.

It is a disease my friends. A heart ache. A numbing pain that tares and rips at my chest.

The last few days I have been bombarded it seems. Blitzkrieg on my life. On my heart.

Now, understand I do not believe that my story is yours. No what I believe is that God. And His saving Grace transcends all of our short stories.

God’s Truth arcs across the epic novel that is the existence of the Universe.

We live in a micro-fiction reality. But every great novelist knows that to publish a single micro-fiction or short story will always fall short of the effort and passion that must be poured into finishing a novel.

I am asking us for the time being to step out of our micro-fiction worldview and see the binding that holds us all together.

Walk with me friends and see the new day as the sun crests the cover of this classic.

It is within God’s capability to create for each of us our own stories. Our own magnificent and beautiful tales. Yet all the while still retaining a storyline that transcends us all.

If you are seeing this Truth. If you are seeing the painted sky in the manner that I currently do. You will break. You will discover humbleness.

How does this all play into loneliness though? There in fact remains the question…

I will speak as bluntly as I can in the following lines.

The moments where I am most desperate in my life have very often lead me down the road of complete and utter loneliness.

It is a scary, painful, tragic place to be.

All the joy in the world seems to be slipping by into an infinite separation from all other life.

I despise being there.

I need to make it clear though that I am an extreme person. With extreme emotions. When I slip. I turn to dive head first.

But there is Truth that every one of us needs to hear. To read. To recognize.

It will pass.

There is an abundance of love. A love so gravity defying that no other could or will ever replicate it.

This love is the love of God that I am speaking of.

This past week I have been absolutely overwhelmed by circumstance. By lies. By challenges. By pain.

I did not turn and run though.

I decided long ago that the pain of this world will no longer pull me to places I should not be. I decided long ago that it has all been overcome. I decided long ago that without my God I am nothing but an insignificant empty page.

But that empty page is filled. Filled with love. Filled with words. Filled with a story waiting to be shared.

This I believe to be true for you too.

There is no reality that we can ever create for ourselves that will secure us the removal of loneliness.

There is only one great relief.

There is no human. No friend. No lover. No family. That will ever suffice in the true destruction of loneliness.

Loneliness is not Natural. It is not meant to be. I promise you that with the absolute essence of who I am. Loneliness is not meant to be.

There is only one that can take it away. Only one that can repair what has been distorted. Only one that can seal cracks spreading across all reality.

Dependence on Christ alone, my friends.

I do not speak of political agenda. I do not speak of corrupted religious structure.

I speak solely of an all-encompassing love.

Do not peel away your relationships. Do not push away those you love.

From the mouth of someone who far too often pours more of himself out onto others than the world would say is healthy. Do not expect back from others what you have given.

Do not expect another person to fulfill the emptiness that buries itself so deep inside.

There is only one. One. It may be difficult to comprehend. But I am offering you all my heart on a platter when I offer the words that it is only through Christ that I am still alive to this very day.

Be empowered my dearest friends. I love you so immensely. You may never even understand. You and I may never even meet. But I love you so dearly and truly.

I promise. I place my life on the line. To tell you that God’s love will and always has overshadowed any love that you or I could ever provide or experience.

I beg of you though, do not disregard your emotions. Loneliness is felt. It happens. Recognizes what brings on the loneliness. Affirm that circumstance is hard. But DO NOT give in so far as to listen to lies. Allow your humanity to feel. God wants us to feel.

So often we are afraid to deal with the issues in our life. We believe that ignoring reality is strength.

I promise you it is not. The only strength that I will have to cover loneliness is of God. I know that I love to throw on a facade that tells other how strong I am. A facade that tells me that by not letting myself feel I am defeating any lies before they even are spoken to me.

That is wrong to do. Feel. But do not feel alone. Feel in the company of others.

Feel kneeling before God. He will protect you from all lies.

Be encouraged. I am challenging you to live life more fully than you could ever imagine.

Take time. Sit. Alone. In silence.

Allow God to wash His Truth over you.

His Truth is His Love. They are one in the same.

He has conquered all.

Day by Day. Minute by Minute. Breath by Breath. Take in His love. Be Guided by His Spirit. Live for His Son.

Much Love my Friends.


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