Hobbies and Habits

I figured my readers would get a kick out of how I spent my day today. So I have been mulling over ways to help me be more creative and ways to better spend my free time while at school. While I adore writing it can be pretty draining and I was looking for something a little more mind-numbing yet productive.

So, I started to crochet.

Now I have a whole new issue. I could not stop crocheting. I did not get any writing done all day. It is nearly 1:30 AM and I am now just getting some writing done. But I am proud of myself for spending the day working with yarn.

I never thought with the dexterity in my hands that this would be something that i could do successfully, but I did.

I pushed my limits a nudge further.

So why am I telling you this? I always have a reason don’t I?

Well some one recently told me that Beliefs that lead to action lead to habits. And this can work in a positive manner or a very negative manner. I have found myself at both ends of the spectrum recently.

So I am going with the assumption that this theory can work backwards. That my habit (or hobby) can become an action and therefore a belief. In theory and application I believe this will work without a doubt.

We do not always realize how the littlest routines in our lives can drastically affect our overall perception of ourselves and the world that surrounds us.

In short, I am sending out a challenge to my readers. Look at your everyday routine. Look for the smallest activity that takes place and ponder on how it shapes your perception. You may think I am puffing hot air, but this is one subject I am positive about.

A lot of what we do as humans carries meaning, sometimes more than we ever realize.

If you want a stronger confidence.. start habits that show your confidence (it doesnt have to be as big as giving a speech on NBC)

If you want to be more creative… start habits that challenge your creativity. You may find yourself boosting your confidence too

If you want to feel more content… start habits that reflect yourself as content and happy.

Being proactive is never as easy or attractive as sitting in our own filth (I hope you like that image) It is so much easier to be lazy and let life slip by. To let our hurts sit and rip at us. To let our limitations define our humanity.

I have done these very things, but guess what? I got fed up being my own pity party.

I promise you, crocheting a crappy looking scarf is more fun then sulking any day. Especially when your neck is warm and everyone else’s neck is cold.

I implied a lot in this post. I would rather talk about these issues and choices in person. So if you are interested or need a push or encouragement. I would love to be part of that process for you.

Start a new healthy habit today and find yourself believing a truth that used to be so hard to see, tomorrow.

Much Love


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