Late Night Thoughts

Sometimes we make decisions in life. Those decisions are ones that reflect our desire to willfully control every aspect of our lives. Those decisions are usually impulsive and selfish.

Our society and culture uplift these types of decisions.

That thought bothers me a lot. I don’t really have much to say on this, just something that has planted itself in my heart while I try and sleep.

There is something perverse about this unbelievable selfishness we demonstrate as humans.

Pride. Where so much pain and hurt comes from.

It seems to be another paradox. In many ways.

The world doesn’t work the way we assume and desire it to. So how long will we continue to grind against existence in the hopes that maybe all of reality will fit into the box we have formed for it.

How long before we change our spectacles to see the world in its proper orbit.

Now I sound spacey and silly. But I am tired so don’t hold it against me. I am just suggesting that many times as humans we subject ourselves to pain that we do not need to.In those moments of willful desire to control whatever it is that we can.

That is all I have to say tonight.

Much Long


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