Late Night Thoughts Expanded

So If you read my last post you should be up to speed but if not go back one post, read that, and then continue on to this one.

My thoughts were a tad frayed and I was a little distraught last night. So I have prayed and thought a good amount about our human desire to be in control. Now I alluded last night that this is the wrong way to think. Then I wrote something about it being a paradox and then my mind kind of went numb due to a lack of sleep.

So here is what I am thinking. Here is that paradox. When we jump at potentially harmful and absolutely selfish desires are we truly in control?

Now, when I say selfish understand that quite frankly I am talking about desires that solely gratify your wants and do not help you to love or help any one else. You can say my desire to write and spend time away to focus on writing is selfish but I would disagree because I use that time to better focus my mind on heart so that I can be as selfless as possible when I return to socializing (It doesn’t always work as I plan and I am just as selfish as the next person) I am not saying this to justify what I do but what I am trying to do is highlight the difference between willful desires and healthy desires.

So I may sound like I am being quite ambiguous but that is for a reason. This need to be in control is manifested in so many different ways, but I promise that no matter what your faith is no matter what you believe or do not believe, you can recognize them in your own life. Again it is like I said in my last post, you will not be able to see reality properly until you change the lenses you are looking through. I promise the one that Western Culture and Society is giving you is quite shaded.

So back to the paradox.

When we submit to these selfish ways (and I use the word submit intentionally) then we are in fact forfeiting our control.

Self Control is control. Now I know for a fact this puts a bad taste in almost anyone’s mouth but hear me out.

I have heard so many sermons about handing over all control to God and submitting your will to His. Now in part I find this to be true, but we are missing quite the balance aren’t we? Trust me I know for a fact there are people out there who take that advice so literally that they lead themselves down a road of not being able to decide what to eat for dinner.

Actions, Habits, and Beliefs they are incredibly intertwined.

My suggestion is this: We all need Self Control.

From a biblical standpoint that is straightforward and in ink. Now for those who may not share my faith, I promise you self-control is for you as well.

If you want so badly to control your life, then do. Turn that vigor for willfulness into healthiness. Examine your choices and desires and realize which are beneficial to yourself and to others. Those two things always go together. If not, I do believe something is wrong.

I am implying a lot in my words and I do apologize for that. I just believe everybody needs to see this reality not just Christians. A Self Controlled life is not one of misery and lack of self-fulfillment. If anything with Self Control comes the greatest freedoms and the greatest fulfillment.

Self Control may seem like prudishness. But that isn’t it at all.

It is freedom from your harmful and destructive ways.

It is freedom to love others as much as possible.

It is freedom to be loved by others without condition.

It is controlling what you can in life.

It is challenging you to rely on hope and strength as opposed to weakness. (Man does that hit home)

Do what you love to do, but make sure what you love to do allows you to share that love. To love yourself and others and God in the most healthy way possible.

As always friends,

Much Love from me to you.


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