Before we know it.

Before we know it today will be tomorrow.

Your child will be talking and walking and dancing and graduating.

Before we know it your days of hard work will pay off.

Before we know it another generation has passed by.

Before we know it you have traded Pokemon cards for cigarette butts.

Before we know it yesterday is decades away.

This is the truth of life and our existence here on Earth. things do not just float on by casually, life soars on by, it rushes by so quickly.

No this post is not about asking you to take the time to smell the roses. Becomes sometimes roses rot and smell terrible.

That is my issue and I have probably written about it before, but I struggle with permanence.

I sink into this mindset of permanence. One that desires no change of what I love and believes change will never arrive for what I fear.

It is a strange and quite selfish conundrum…

I can sometimes enter these states where I in fact feel like the pain and the hurt and the emptiness will never fade or be healed. And in that same manner I see no end to what I see in front of me. I see couples as lasting until death do them part. I see friendships hanging calmly in hammocks in the never-ending early summer.


So when I see change occur blatantly it hits incredibly hard. All of a sudden it is night.

All of a sudden I am grown and on my own. All of a sudden nothing is the same.

Just like April seemed like it would last forever for me, where I am now will soon pass.

Time is a great friend and enemy. It takes what it wants and gives what it desires. And we can simply only move along. Bracing for the duration of  staleness and the stabs of change.

But what the world would like you to believe is that change is the only constant. Change is the only reliable factor in our lives.

This is so unbelievably untrue.

The reality of it is that in all this moving time, God has never changed.

There has been no moment where he has stepped aside and will never be a moment where will find ourselves abandoned and alone.

As we wait in our corporal empires Christ carries our immovable fortresses upon his shoulders.

As we find our walls cracking and eroding, our defenses exposed, there is Christ stepping in the way of the waves of impeding blows, enduring crash after crash.

There is truly the one constant in our lives. God. In all of it he has and never will change.

Just when time seems to gaining the upper hand, know that Christ will always have the stronger hand.

Even as I write minutes tick away.

And before I knew it my post is nearly done. But God, he knew it before it was done and knew me before I was, and knows me as I am and sees me as I will be.

As he does for you.
Much Love


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