So I am going to try something a little different today for a post and I hope that all of my “avid” readers will enthusiastically enjoy it. I have had many reason to be discouraged of late. Issues with my body, stupid people, obstacles, daily challenges, and so forth.

But as I sit in Mullica Hill’s little coffee shop “Crescent Moon” which you should ALL check out if you are in the are, I must admit that I am very very encouraged.

Well encouraged is part of it. The rest of it is impassioned. You could call it anger, but I rather not. I call it passion and renewed vigor and strength.

I am a fighter I guess you can say. And well it has taken me sometime to get back to my old statue, but I am getting closer and closer to myself everyday. I am not sure what distractions have led me so far away from the strength that I have held all of my life, but God has brought me closer and closer to where I need to be. I am on the brink.

I am energized by the challenges that sit ahead of me. Not afraid, not scared about my last year in college and the nameless wasteland that lies beyond graduation.

I am encouraged. And not by any specific success that I have experienced lately, but by the power held in the cross.

My story is just starting to be written. As long as the world doesn’t end in the near future than my future is going to be blazing brighter than any sun and glorifying God all along the way.

Something has been draining the fight and bite out of me over these last couple years, something has been challenging my confidence every step of the way. But each day I am realizing that with every adversity, with every obstacle and pitfall placed in my way I have grown strong and more resilient.

And you may not see it yet my friend, but it is the same for you. Every crushing blow has fortified and increased your stamina for life. It may not seem anything like that, things may seem entirely bleak and numb but I promise that is the farthest from the truth.

You have stars to reach for and mountains to climb. It is not going to be easy and it will not always feel very good. But I promise if you are relying on God’s fulfilled promise you will only find the sweet nectar of success. And I am not speaking of fiscal or even relational success. I am not talking about gratification. No my friends I am talking about meeting challenges head on and being led by Christ through it all.

I am talking about finding the victory in adversity that already is readily available and accessible.

So be encouraged, in your challenges and hardships you are being prepared and growing more in character daily. Look not on these moments as battles where you are wounded but rather as opportunities to reach unforeseen levels. Seek after Christ and the path will be clearly shown.

Be encouraged.

Much Love



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