New Year. Another New Start

My dear readers. I must sincerely apologize for the lack of dedication to this blog that I have recently displayed. First you should know that the changes I am making around this website are still up in the air, I am trying a few different ideas and I will see what sticks. But in reality I have a feeling that you care very little what this blog is called or what it looks like.

I have made a resolution this year, well I have made a few. I rarely make resolutions because I see people drop the ball so often. I am usually the one to say “do it or do not do it.” But this year I am making a resolution to write for at least thirty minutes every single day. Now this should affect the activity on this blog but my resolution is to write anything (not specifically blog). Whether that be Journaling, poetry, working on my book, sending creative emails, blogging and so much more. I am probably just telling you so that maybe you can keep me accountable.

But onward and upward, right? I want to share with you why I feel that a change to this blog is necessary.

Aside from my lack of writing over the last few months I believe that am in a true season of change in my life. With my future, my past and present. Now I am not going to get overly personal because remember this blog is not a journal. If you want to read my journal you can ask me in person.

I do believe that we are all constantly changing. Day in and day out. Changing our minds. Changing our preferences. Changing our lives. Here is where many philosophers would begin to beam at the chance to claim that the only constant in the Human existence is change. I always hate to disagree, but I do.

This is where another one of God’s paradoxes pops its little head out. I like to imagine God’s paradoxes like a pack a wolf pups, peeking their snouts out from the cave to sniff the fresh fallen snow. They are as curious as I am as I watch them interact with each other and the white powder. They are afraid and so enthralled with joy. Nervous and unbelievably excited. They are living out a paradox in their attitude. How these opposing forces clutch together blow my mind.

I sit and watch the wolf pups play in awe of their beauty and pure hearts. All the while in my relaxed and joyful awe I retain an equal if not more aggressive force of concern and fear for my own life. With the gaze drawing cubs near there is most definitely full grown beasts close by. I cannot enjoy watching these pups without respecting and fearing all that comes with them.

But more than wolves work in this manner. All of Nature carries with it working paradoxes. Beauty accompanied with fear. I can really go on forever about this but I wont because it is not really on topic whatsoever.

The specific paradox I was referring to regarding change is that we must all learn to embrace the constant change in life whilst simultaneously resting safe and comforted by a contentedness of steadfast and never-changing love. With all that is happening day in and day out in life it becomes a perilous journey just to stand upright midst all the motion that comes with living.

We are asked day in and day out to move with the changes but to sit still in patience. We are asked to truly live in the exact presences. Not a second early or a second late.

Life is a dance, one where we are all off beat more than on. A dance where our partners toes are swollen into plump plums because we cannot seem to simply watch our step.

This my friends is where Grace HAS to come into play. If it doesn’t than to me, life is simply not worth living. I struggle with change. I love it once it has come and passed. But during the turbulence of it all I am scared and lonely. That is one of my many woes, but it is one I know that is shared by many.

Then comes in Grace. To comfort those swollen purple toes and to slow the music to a manageable speed. If I had to dance on in shame and disappointment day in and day out without a place to rest my head I would be an utter wreck. Grace takes the dance floor out of the equation. It turns the gawking stares and points them elsewhere.

Grace moves the dance into a realm we desire to be. One where our miscues and mistakes are met with a stretching smile. One where our partner keeps us moving and all our weight supported.

Our partner takes the burden and stress of never ceasing change. The only time our feet hit the ground and our joints begin to ache is when we decide that the burden is not for our partner to bare. We take the dance back onto our shoulders. We cannot allow anyone else to take the lead. Not unless it is us.

If you have read my blog before you know exactly who this partner is. I hope this metaphor can help you with any struggle you are currently dealing with. Change may be constant but the disgruntlement and pain does not need to be.

Dance on my friends. Give over the lead and rest steadfast in never-ending change.

It is not your burden to bare.

Much Love


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