30 Days of Writing: Day Thirteen

Day 13.

Lucky number 13.

I moved again today, from one house into another. This one is just a lay over until I move yet again.

I am going to keep this post pretty short because I am exhausted and I think sleep would be better than me writing. I love writing. But I LOVE sleep.

So let’s talk about a great way to deal with writer’s block today. Moving.

One of the most prevalent symptoms of writer’s block is complacency with your surroundings. You are distracted by what you see, but not affected. Not engulfed by what is happening around you. You aren’t invested in the world around you or the paper and ink in front of you.

So get up and move.

Okay, don’t be drastic like me and move to a new home or state. Rather, get up out of your seat and get in your car or in a bus or use your feet and move. Head to a new spot that you are not familiar with. Or it could be a spot you are familiar with, but have never taken the time to observe.

Now that you are in your new spot. Observe. The chatter, the noise, the ground, up, down, left and right. Breath in and breath out. Taste the air, smell the environment.



Write about everything you see and feel. Write every question you are thinking and every superstition you are conjuring.

You have just successfully defeated writer’s block. Well, maybe you wrote something that had nothing too do with the article, paper or book you were supposed to be working on. But you just rejuvenated your creativity.

You wrote. Get back to your basics when you think you have nothing else to say. Writing starts with observing. Then it grows into dreaming.

If you want to write a dream, start with what you already see.

Don’t give up when it seems impossible, maybe just try something new.

Much Love


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