30 Days of Writing: Day Fourteen

Day 14.

Well my laptop stopped working today am I had a lot that I wanted to write. There is only so much you can type on an iPhone but alas that is what I have to do.

So I am asking now that you forgive the many spelling and grammar mistakes that are about to follow. Typing on a phone is just not ideal.

Enough complaining, let’s talk about words.

I think we play down how much power language has. Most literary and cultural theorists talk about the power of language a lot.

Humans talk a lot about how money defines power, especially in the USA. But I would take it in a different direction and stet that those who control language hold power.

Words give life to ideas. Throughout history words have given ideas terrible power. Power enough to segregate, enslave, and manipulate.

But I don’t want to look at the ability of words to destroy. I want to look at their ability to heal.

If you are fighting through something call out the truth in the situation out loud. If you are fighting inner demons. Say out loud what they are. Minimize the power negative thoughts have over you and take ownership by verbalizing.

If you are dealing with lies yell from the rooftops the things you know to be true. Like that you are loved and you are valued.

When negative words come your way overcome them with words coated in love.

This is one of the reasons that I love writing so much. When I write I find truth so much easier.

Give it a try. Let words be powerful and use them to grow beauty and love in this world

Much Love

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