I haven’t written a poem in a lot of years…

Think. Dream. Speak. Repeat. Write. Talk. Press Record. Repeat. Listen. Breathe. Listen. Breathe more. Brainstorm. Sink. Rise. Fall to the floor. Chaotic Order Its Place Out Create or Impersonate Where is the button to pause it all? Anxiety. Depression. Dark Storm. Streams. So maybe I can one day Soar. Ache. Shake. Til we can see [...]

Little Distractions

Small distractions pile up to make big mountains. They don't make a wall, like you would think, rather they pile. Under my feet they just grow and grow until the still earth is miles below. Whether you are afraid of heights or not. We are all grasped by that chest-tightening fear when we look too [...]

30 Days of Writing: Day Thirteen

Day 13. Lucky number 13. I moved again today, from one house into another. This one is just a lay over until I move yet again. I am going to keep this post pretty short because I am exhausted and I think sleep would be better than me writing. I love writing. But I LOVE [...]