This Content Doesn’t Need a Title

I rarely begin with a title of a blog or chapter. Sometimes I actually despise the entire concept of titles. One reason is that titles have always forced me into an uncomfortable and critical frenzy. Trying to come up with the most clever pun that is foreshadowing but not revealing. A few string of words [...]

I haven’t written a poem in a lot of years…

Think. Dream. Speak. Repeat. Write. Talk. Press Record. Repeat. Listen. Breathe. Listen. Breathe more. Brainstorm. Sink. Rise. Fall to the floor. Chaotic Order Its Place Out Create or Impersonate Where is the button to pause it all? Anxiety. Depression. Dark Storm. Streams. So maybe I can one day Soar. Ache. Shake. Til we can see [...]

30 Days of Writing: Day Eleven

Day 11. I think I am nearing my stride. A third of the way through. I say that because I spent most of the day today thinking about what I am going to write. It is pouring rain outside currently, which makes me unbelievably happy. Today was so awfully humid, I could barely function. I [...]