Rivers and Roads

Sometimes I will  just sit still zoning in and out while listening to music and by sometimes I do this almost habitually every night. I do this for no other reason than that music transports me, it changes my focus and it penetrates my maze of dreams and thoughts. Its allows me to take a [...]


The Bible talks about being fearful of God. I am not sure that I have entirely grasped that concept though. I have unintentionally manipulated that meaning into being frightened of God. Have you ever been in a relationship with another person, a friend, a spouse, a significant other and just sat waiting for them to [...]

Convicted At Last

I am going to write about some subject matter in this post that I normally choose not to for various reasons, but here we go. It is 1:30 AM and I can't keep from sharing. So I have struggled these past few months with some major apathy in my life and my faith. I am [...]

Indian Fusion

Strange title right? Well that's because I am listening to a collaboration of Mumford and Sons, Laura Marling and an Indian Group called the Dharohar Project. I am not sure what language they are speaking or what in the world they are saying, but I am enjoying it thoroughly. Honestly I can barely understand the [...]

Due Date

I am reblogging Nate Forte's latest blog. It is very important to me. And just vague enough to peak my reader's interests. All I have to say is that what he is talking about is HUGE. Huge for me especially. Direction-altering and life-changing. I am brimming with life and thought and energy and prayer right [...]