I wish…

I wish that I could say that “sometimes” or on “occasion” we are our own worst enemies, but it seems as I get older and live more experiences out that in fact we are MOST OFTEN our own worst enemies. We take ourselves down roads of ignorance, we get passionate about all of the wrong things, we cannonball into the pool of pride.

This may be the most frustrating aspect of life for me. Not the things that I cannot control because those are always there and seem to suck at a very consistent level. The woes that are brought on in our lives by our own lack of action, care, sensitivity or thought are the ones that truly dishearten me and make my burdens near unbearable.

Call it laziness, call it ignorance, call it selfishness, call it pride. I care not what it is referred to I just care about the effects which are blatantly visible and painful. We all have seen others do it to themselves and have committed these crimes against our own well-being.

This is the most frustrating part of life for me. The moments that  have wasted, not taken advantage of, or abused. So much success could have been attained but instead pride conquered the day.

And here is where my favorite part of God comes in to dispose of Humanity’s vanity. His grace is enough. His grace is sufficient to forgive yourself and move forward.

His grace allows us to seize the next opportunity and moment and succeed like we are always supposed to.

So I would like to ask all of you something that may be very hard (I know it is very much harder for me than almost anything else) I want you all to forgive yourself. Take that grace and forgiveness that Christ offers and forgive yourself. For everything.

You may have forgiven others for hurting you, but did you forgive yourself for the ill-intentions you felt towards those who harmed you? God has forgiven you.

But have you forgiven yourself?

This is a toughy for sure.

Much Love


2 thoughts on “I wish…

  1. oof… I feel like this idea has been coming at me on all sides the last few days. thanks for sharing, matt!
    Here is a passage from a devotional I read the other day that relates:
    (it’s supposed to be from God to the reader)
    “i want you to experience the riches of your salvation: the Joy of being loved constantly and perfectly. You make a practice of judging yourself, based on how you look or how you behave or feel. you like what you see in the mirror, you feel a bit more worthy of my love. When things are going smoothly and your performance seems adequate, you find it easier to believe you are my beloved child. When you feel discouraged, you tend to look inward so you can correct whatever is wrong.
    Instead of trying to “fix” yourself, fix your gaze on me, the Lover of your soul. rather than using your energy to judge yourself, redirect it to praising me. Remember that I see you clothed in My righteousness, radiant in my perfect love.”

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