What is Love?

Yes. Night at the Roxbury is one of my favorite movies and Haddaway is a staple of 90’s culture. But the title of this post is not alluding to either of those facts. And if my statements went over your head, well then you missed the 1990’s in the USA.

So I have a question on my heart and mind that I understand presents no simple answer.

My question pertains to the displaying of love towards others. So there is a very simplified push in some parts of Christianity to “just love” one another and often this description is presented in a very 1960’s hippie manner.

Now I have personally done my part in subscribing to this movement, but now in recent times I stop and hesitate. I do not hesitate towards the impulse to love another, but I hesitate to embrace my preordained meaning to “just loving”.

Love is not weak, nor is it something that can be trampled. Love includes passion (and not just of the romantic kind). Passion is fiery. So here awaits my question.

It is very easy to hate injustices. To passionately pursue their uprooting so that those being affected by them can experience a shared love.

But if God is the perfect and most fulfilling love than as we step around the sensitive topic of other religious institutions I wonder, well I won’t dare to utter what I wonder for fear that it may be taken out of context.

But if I truly love another person. If I truly love God. Is it always going to be kitty cats and flowers? Or will it be destructive-renewing force as well?

My only answer I can muster right now is that my heart was not built to stand up against regimes or mighty kingdoms, but rather to accompany the pains and struggles and fortresses in each individuals lives that need to come crumbling down.

Destructive yet restoring. Only through Christ my friends.

That is all for tonight.

Much Love


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