Rivers and Roads

Sometimes I will  just sit still zoning in and out while listening to music and by sometimes I do this almost habitually every night.

I do this for no other reason than that music transports me, it changes my focus and it penetrates my maze of dreams and thoughts. Its allows me to take a break from my incessant thinking to just live and breathe. And one thing I truly appreciate more when listening to music is my relationship with Christ.  For many reasons. I can feel God’s hand, I can feel his breath on my neck I can hear is heart beat in every verse and see his leading in every mix of notes.

Obviously I am being flagrantly expressive in these statements but music does something special for me and that is undeniable. Even right now I am sitting and listening to “Rivers and Roads” by The Head and the Heart and I am just praising God and seeing his glory more and more clear. My fingers can type faster and my words are becoming freer.

Which brings me to a thought about this song and why I currently have it on repeat right now. I am not trying to kill the songs value by playing until it is dead, but rather it has unintentionally captured my attention to some current circumstance in my life through its music and lyrics…My mind is almost mechanical in this fashion that it clings to notes and words almost eerily that reflect its inner most focus.

So what am I hearing in this song right now that is resounding in my heart and mind….Funny that the band is called The Head and The Heart… I am hearing my own struggle with lack of contentedness. I am hearing my heart’s yearning to search onward and tirelessly for God and his purpose in my life.  The song is almost a reflection of all that is going on in me right now. And God’s grace is pouring on over it.

In my song and my lament I am hearing God’s reply resounding loud and clear. I hear his comforting voice echoing throughout time and history.  I feel his kindness and justice encompassing my being.  All may not seem right to me but in Him all is true and right.

I will continue on this journey through rivers and across roads. I will continue on in prayer and petition. I will carry on in strength and trust. I will proceed in justice and faith covered by love and grace. I will strive on until I am where I never thought  I could or would be.

The clearing will show but until then the journey is filled with God’s grace and love.

I hope this encouraged you as it did for me.

Much Love


5 thoughts on “Rivers and Roads

  1. I’d never heard this song before, but I listened to it and love it. It definitely resonates. Praying for you. Also, I’m totally gonna learn how to play this and sing it for you.

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