I hope this feeling lasts.

Spiraling, swirling, swiftly-

Embracing, Dancing

Step in and step out

Swaying to our own beat

Your hand in mine

Let me slink from my seat

Let this romance take speed

The passion behind Your gaze

Entrances, empowers, engulfs

My very soul

Whispers in my ear

Bring warmth to my heart

Dazedly, drifting to and fro

Deep desperation and longing flow

Refreshing, I breathe You in

Restoring, rebuilding me into we

While music spins and lyrics speak

Neither has tasted what I seek

There is no tune that can be sung

No poem can escape my lungs

You are beyond all beauty. Truly,

My resolution and conclusion

This story begins and ends with You.


2 thoughts on “I hope this feeling lasts.

  1. matt… i really like this. it is so vivid. as i was reading through it, i
    felt like i was feeling all of the emotions along with you. there is desperation in it, but your hope pervades all of that.
    i feel like this poem portrays one of those moments that i like to call “inkling moments.” it’s like there is a revelation and a new understanding that brings excitement and joy that you never want to leave… though, you know in a moment it will only be a memory, it is beautiful.
    we’ll have to talk more in person, but i am impressed 🙂

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