Love, Friendships, Acquaintances

I am glad I decided not to post this specific blog when I originally wrote it.

So here is how this one goes. People are everywhere and take up most of our life whether we like it or not.

There are friends, lovers, co-workers, peers, acquaintances, enemies, and people we will never actually meet.

The question stands to be posed though, what role should these lovely individuals play in the building of our lives.

This is one of my favorite analogies, I am not totally not sure why but comparing our lives to a home just creates a warm fuzzy feeling in my belly.

I am going to keep this message short and straight forward though. I have repeated this advice to at least five different people in only a couple days time: Christ must always remain the foundation of our house and center of our lives. Relationships with other people are extremely important but to leave them as the foundation, purpose, and only support I promise you our lives will often be in shambles. The ones that we love, admire, and adore are of course a blessing and a tribute to God’s love and grace but we each must stay alert to the fact that humans WILL fail us. If another person is the foundation to our home, when they break our trust or leave us, our house will not only fall to pieces but will be consistently be shaking and unsteady. It is like building a home in sand, a malleable and weak foundation as such will leave us in constant distress.

If Christ is that concrete foundation your home will truly never fall. Pieces may break and walls may crack but Christ will provide a steady place, a starting point to always build up from. So if our relationships aren’t to be our foundation what are they going to be?

Keep your loved ones close, put them on display and show them off to the world. See them how ever you wish, the most beautiful piece of artwork hanging above a fireplace, the paint on the walls, the furniture in you house, even the frame to your house. No matter what keep Christ as that foundation, do not water down the concrete that He provides.

Once the foundation is lain the design can take form and Christ’s image and God’s Grace will bleed through from the foundation into the very creation and decoration of your home. If you have a spouse let them be the Mona Lisa, whenever someone visits your home they must stop and stare but they will also note that they are walking comfortably on the most level of foundations ever created.

I will have more thoughts on this issue later but until then formulate your own conclusion.

With Much Love always


2 thoughts on “Love, Friendships, Acquaintances

  1. Matthew, this entry is so beautiful..i will read it again and again and again! I love how you describe this truth…wow…please publish a book or a book of thougts..please i beg of you..go seek out a professor on campus who wote a book..find out their publisher and submitt your many more people must be touched by your work..His work. seriously! Love ur sista

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