Reality? what?! what?!

I think I am going to move south after I graduate. There just seems to be a plethora of opportunities that could await me down there. To get away from the bitter winters and humid summers of the north would be pleasant. I mean I absolutely adored my time down in North Carolina last semester. (shout outs to the Dickeys and Carsons)!

So me thinking about my future location and occupation is pretty real right? I promise I am not obsessing, just thinking.

On the topic of being real, I had a long conversation  with a friend about Reality. How do two realities “coexist” while one dominates the other. I’m referring to a “Christian” reality versus a worldly one. How can we live in the world and not become a part of it? This my friends, is just one concept that I truly struggle with.

The world is loaded with utter poopy, sin like black mold, infecting everything it touches and restricting the very breaths that we each take.  I mean literally corrupting and spoiling everything the Humans can physically relate to. Its atrocious and I honestly rather live in a reality where my relationship with Christ blocks my sight and hides me from the yucky mess of the world. I want to go to a different plane, a new reality where I am only concerned with my own well being and where sin is scared to come near me.

Well guess what?! That makes me sound like a selfish, self-absorbed, coward.

My Faith was never ever intended to be a self-righteous agenda. There is this little clause in my belief system that states something about loving other people or something like that. So if I, or any other Christian, intends to share the love they themselves have been afforded then we all better be willing to see the reality of this world too. We cannot sit idly, consumed in our own guilt and fall short of our goal to love. We have to be in THIS world because it exists, painfully it exists. Maybe there aren’t two separate realities.

Perhaps, there is one, one that is under the hand of an omnipresent God, one that has been distorted, one were a lamb’s blood has been spilled, one where humans develop intertwined and alongside some dark, dark paths. As of right now each and every one of us lives on planet Earth. The struggles of the person next to us are ours as well. That’s called community friends. Community by God’s grace and through our Faith in Christ.

So on the topic of these two realities, I am all too well aware in the temptation and distractions that seductively entangle this world. Spiritually anyone can be clean, or cleaned…I promise that much. We are still in this world because the love that is being offered must be shared.

Oops I kind of got lost in my own thoughts, surprise surprise!!! Well I promise to revisit this subject area sometime soon. If you are struggling with this similar issue, you are in my prayers. Let Christ lift your chin, let Him open your eyes beyond what is physical.

Allow yourself to perceive what is beyond humanity, you can resist this world, trust me you can By grace and through Faith.

Much Love

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