Okay this is an assured promise to write what I am thinking and actually post it on this some what silent blog of mine. I can’t remember falling asleep last night and I am questioning whether I should be worried about what happened. Thanks to my sweet roommate I found out just how comical I am when caught in between dreams and reality. I made some crude statements towards my RA when he walked in and various other strange comments I directed at others in the room. I honestly do not remember giving my mind permission to spew out what ever it wanted last night, but it did. At least I can toss this situation up to circumstance and I wont be judged too intensely by others.

I am just wonderin’ though what if I just let my mind run rampant when I was wide awake? Sometimes I do, but trust me I still have a hold on my tongue (to some extent). I would probably offend several people beyond explanation, make other people laugh, and most certainly weird everyone else out.

I have been wonderin’ about a lot of things lately. (Heck, I am currently listening to Tobymac’s new song, Wonderin’ as I write…Listen to it)

Relationships, friendships, acquaintances, the future the present and the past are all frustrating prospects that are bouncing up and down in my already crowded mind. I fear sometimes that one of my thoughts is going to be hospitalized in the mosh-pit of my brain.

The problem is that I have become comfortable in my state of mind. While, my thoughts are head-banging and rocking-out I am physically sitting content. In most recent events I have felt the emotions and disruptions of the world spiraling around me completely disconnected from my form. I am way to comfortable with this state of apathy. College work is trivial and relationships are everywhere. Work is boring and my bed is warm and soft. This may all have to do with my mortal enemy (snow) engulfing the world I live in.

Maybe I should let my head out its asylum some day soon. See what type of anarchy and chaos it can cause the world. Is that sadistic? I’m not sure, I am goofy, what else is new? This is where I am going to leave off today. I will hopefully revisit this page before I have some prophetic discernment to state to all my readers.

If you are curious and courageous listen to the following songs and you may just see yourself taking steps into the hallowed grounds of my mind. Goodluck!

Daylight by Matt & Kim, I Need A Life by Born Ruffians, Little Garcon by Born Ruffians, Wonderin’ by Tobymac, Mr. Gray by Jennifer Knapp…

Much Love


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