Amongst the Trees

Tonight there is much on my mind. And I am trying to silence all the worries and “what if’s”. I am finding my mind to be cluttered. Like a garage that has seen too many good years and too few yard sales.

I am trying to focus on an image I have midst the mess. A few days ago on my commute home from work I witnessed a “golden hour” unlike I have seen before

In New Jersey Fall is in full swing and Winter will be here way too soon. But right now the trees are at their peak of magnificent sporadic color. Soon they will be barren but right now their leaves glisten in shades of yellow, orange and red.

On my commute home the sun was setting behind me and it caused the strangest sight I have seen in awhile. The tops of the trees were radiant. Almost making you’re eyes squint trying to perceive the halo on the multicolored leaves.

But the trunks were covered in shadow. And where the sun met the shadows was as drastic as could be. Like oil and vinegar or stripes and plaid. They wouldn’t mix. They shouldn’t mix. The dark was incredibly dark and the bright was overwhelmingly light.

The strangest thing. This harsh contrast brought a beauty out in both sides that I couldn’t quite comprehend. Everything felt surreal and my sensations where on fire. Like looking at a Rembrandt for a bit too long.

The shadows highlighted the halo on the leaves bringing to life a fullness of color and hue. And the light radiating off the leaves made the shadows cool and calm and inviting.

I felt like I was in slow motion, drinking in the view as I continued on my way.

I felt God’s presence there, amongst the trees. The moment seemed too divine not to breath in. It silenced my fear even for just a few moments.

And as I sit here describing to you those trees, I realize all the worries and fears filling my mind have slipped away. My mind is uncluttered and my imagination unfettered. God was present amongst those trees. Where shade met light. My mind found peace.

Much Love


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