Today, Tomorrow and the Next Day

My family’s circumstance caved in a little more today. Our stability shook a bit again.

But God is good. Still good. Today, tomorrow and every day thereafter. I do not have an entire blog to write about this, but I have the burning need to profess God’s provision midst the depths of need.

Tragedy, trauma and disappointment seem to be a constant lately. Not just in my life, but in lots of lives I see and know.

“Surely this is the bottom” we whisper to ourselves. Yet, some how in a few weeks a new crack in the veneer appears.

We beg for a circumstantial breakthrough. For our situation to change. For the paper work to be finalized, for a new job to be offered, for the loan to be accepted and our home to be sold. For a physical healing to take place.

I am personally tired of waiting for my circumstance to change. I have waited for far too long. I have wasted my time and my energy. And somewhere along the way I realized that my circumstance may never change and may get worse and worse. My health may continue to decline and my debt grow.

But these circumstances have absolutely zero implication on whether God is good or not. They have zero impact on whether I am known, adored and adopted. They have no power over my ability to live an abundant life.

An abundant life isn’t determined by the amount of money in our pocket. Or the amount of dreams you have achieved.

An abundant life is something intimately entangled in relationship with the Creator of all things. It’s apparent in joy that really makes no possible sense. It’s apparent in the continued breath in your lungs no matter how many times you get knocked down. It’s apparent in the lives around you that catch a bit of your radiant glow.

You have purpose. You have meaning. You are not abandoned. You are not losing.

Do not allow your circumstance to trick you into believing your story is coming to an end.

The breakthrough already happened. It walked out of a tomb so that you could too.

Much Love


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