No Words

I have no profound thoughts today. I guess it is a bit pretentious to assume I ever have “profound” thoughts, but I am sitting in front of my laptop frustrated that nothing worthwhile is coming to life on my screen. I am searching for inspiration everywhere around me to get a tiny spark for something to say. Social media is yelling about this, that or the other thing. Television is melodramatic. Nothing I am reading is stimulating my mind in a powerful way.

So what in the world do I have to say when there is nothing to say at all. I guess I will say the only thing that actually matters. Especially during my favorite time of the year, Holy Week.

You are loved.

You are ridiculously and radically loved. Fervently. Feverishly. Passionately. Across borders and boundaries. This love will seek you out and hunt you down and wrap you tightly in its embrace.

You are loved.

Much Love


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