There is no try, there is only Do.

I spend so much time not writing or doing what I love because I am so concerned about how it will be received or if it will be good enough. This fear or concern causes a production freeze. I consider the option that doing nothing is better than producing something bad. I think this thought is found in an earnest desire to do my best at all times, but it is twisted into an excuse to not try,

I wonder, have any of my readers held back from trying or doing because they were afraid of failing or sometimes scarier, succeeding? How about you? Is there anything that you love to do that you aren’t doing? Is there something in your life that you want to run head first into, but you understand the risks involved and they are so daunting that you hesitate?

One of the daunting risks for writing for me is that it takes up so much time and that is time away from my job, from my family, from relaxing. So I am going to practice what I am about to preach. Do NOT do nothing. Trust me it IS worse than nothing. Find the smallest task and try your hand at it. If it is a deep desire to adopt, take a minute and google stories of adoptions. If it is to travel to every country in the world, try planning a short trip outdoors or to a nearby state you haven’t explored and take in what is around you. If it is to write a book, write a page. If it is to speak publicly, speak to your family, friends or coworkers with gusto and intent. If it is to start your own business, write a business plan and research your market.

Everything you touch can be practice for your deepest desires.

I am afraid of how long writing takes, so I am choosing to keep this post short. Fear/risk managed. AND I wrote something.

Excuses are a state of mind. No financial hardship, no life trauma, no broken relationship has the power to stop you from completing the littlest steps and owning them proudly.

Much Love


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