I missed the boat

If my goal was to get as many likes, views and followers as possible, then I really missed the boat this past weekend. In my head I planned to write a post for Good Friday about letting things go that are hurting you and holding you back, then on Easter I planned to share a post about how God is resurrecting you and wants to renew what has been exhausted and repurpose what has held you down. But, alas, I didn’t get those words on the page and I am sure you heard some iteration of them on a pulpit this weekend.

I tend to miss “the boat” a lot. I have a thousand and one ideas that seem so slick and awesome in my head. But then, I watch someone else coast the waves with what I wanted to do. Could you imagine if I didn’t miss any boats? Like, if I was obsessed with being punctual and not trusting the process of life? My life would suck.

Maybe you read that and are like, “Whaaaaaaaaaat, Matt? You are not thinking straight, if I didn’t miss ANY opportunities I would be living the dream”.

Would you though? Or would you be frantically trying to keep up with the demands of positions, titles, roles and responsibilities that were probably not meant for you. It is just a thought on my part, but, maybe your potential does not rest in what you are doing. Maybe the foundation of your potential doesn’t rest in missed opportunities or successes or failures, but who you choose to be during the in-between spaces.

Let’s talk about the in-between places. Let me tell you about when me and my wife missed a literal boat on our Honeymoon. We were staying on resort in Disney (by the way I have become a bit Disney-obsessed since). We had dinner reservations at a nice restaurant and the quickest way back to our home was by taking a ferry. The weather had been fantastic our whole trip and we were at the tail end of our trip. We walked out of the restaurant and headed to the pier to get a ride home, as we walked outside we saw the boat coming to dock. We knew we weren’t going to be able to hustle fast enough to get there before it leaves.

If you have experienced anything like that before you know how awful that feeling is. You have to watch from a distance while your ride picks up other people and then leaves without you. You watch the entire scene unfold and you are completely helpless to the fact that neither you or your spouse have super-speed.

So we got to the dock just as the boat pulled away, and they tooted their cute horn at us like they were rubbing it in. That is exactly when the “in-between” sets in.

There we were, disheveled, sick to our stomachs after rushing right after eating, a little more than a “bit pissed” and it started raining. And I am not talking sexy-warm Florida rain. You know the kind that you don’t mind going swimming in our feeling all romantic kissing in. I am talking bitter-cold mean rain.

So what now, do we wait in the crappy cold rain another 30 minutes for the next boat? Or do we walk ALL the way back to the restaurant and figure out if there is another way home. The awful part of all this is that many of you know I use a scooter to go long distances. My wife on the other hand has fully functioning legs. I don’t care who you are, sprinting and missing the boat next to someone who is pushing a button and zooming along is just down right awful. I felt for her, but the best choice was to walk all the way back to the lobby and get some warmth.

Honeymoon or not, it wasn’t our favorite moment. And if I am going to be 100% honest we didn’t react super great to our circumstances. BUT. We had to make a choice. Sit in the cold rain or press on. So we pressed on.

Once we shook the “grumpies” off, we found a gift shop and some really great souvenirs, and what is more we discovered a new ride share service that would keep us dry and was about a thousand times more accessible than anything we had used the rest of the week.

The “in-between” earnestly is just life. It is life in its fullest and messiest. And that is where your potential gets to shine. The waiting periods, the quiet times, the “valleys”…what it really all sums up to be is your life.

So how will you live your life? Full of regret and shame about the boat you missed? Or will you strive to lean into the person you are meant to be in every moment you live.

You will never be perfect, but that is where we find our true potential. When the boat has set sail and you are left behind. And you feel like crap. That is your moment. Seize it and shine. Who knows what you will find.

Much Love


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