The Purpose Conundrum

I just really like the word conundrum.

Why are we? Who are we? What is our Purpose on Earth?

These are questions that even Christians who boast to have all the answers ask quite frequently.

My question today is not really about why we are here on Earth but closer to: Why do we keep asking this question? Why (as humans) do we so terribly desire to understand our condition? Why do we care that we even have purpose?

Now, we are each day diving deeper and deeper into a post-modern atmosphere. So many would probably offer the response that they honestly do not care what our purpose as humans is. They may even go to the extent to explain that their life is their purpose.

There are way too many issues within post-modernism. But I can speak on that another time.

So why do we even search for these answers. You may not ask them the way I do but everyone absolutely questions their existence. Where we came from, where we are going and why.

Out of the mouth of children comes the question very often which is what happens to those who die.

Every religion. Every belief system has a different answer for that.

I want to highlight the point that if our world was completely selfish we would never ask these questions.

I worry very often when hear fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ searching for God’s purpose in their life.

What am I supposed to do next. What college am I supposed to attend. What direction has God set before me.

There is nothing consciously wrong about asking those questions but I fear that it may give way to an unexpected inward focused attitude.

If my belief is that God created all of us equally. Then He created ALL of us.

That’s why I think it is peculiar that we tend to search for the purpose of humanity as opposed to our own individual purpose. It implies a unity. A similarity. A Community.

Wouldn’t that be grand? If the reason we searched for purpose was so that we could realize that we are all together on this planet?

To realize that we all have pain, struggles, triumphs, beliefs. loves, losses, goals, dreams and praises.

Imagine if we all concluded that our purpose was to work to love one another.

I feel like I have heard that somewhere before…

Oh. That’s right. God’s love. God’s grace. God’s Son.

God’s Purpose.

Uniting us all in love.

I think that is absolutely worth a shout of praise to Him.

But for this realization to occur it would take much self-sacrifice. Be warned.

I promise it is worth it though.


Much Love

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