Redefining Excellence

To redefine the Pursuit of Excellence in the Creative Arts.

I have become impassioned. Not just me. I dare you to call up your closest peer that you know to be an artist of some sort. A painter, sculptor, writer, musician, singer, dancer, director, actor/actress. Ask them. Where is our culture headed in regards to the Creative Arts.

Especially in the Christian realm you will hear a resounding groan of frustration. These young (mostly college-aged) adults have become fed up with culture’s disregard for the creative arts.

This is where my vision is headed. Me and various friends who are proficient in many types of artistic activities desire greatly to take the steps within the Christian “sub-culture” to establish a new excellence for the Creative Arts.

The True believers in Christ, of all the people on the world, are almost required to support the arts.

God has blessed us all with the ability to create. Our imaginations are immense and I believe it an injustice to everything good to limit that creative process.

Do not let what you create become perverse for the sake of shock and awe. Shock and Awe begets selfishness.

Speak Truth. In whatever you do.

Paint to a new colorful excellence. Sculpt the beauty that is our God-given imagination. Write the most breath-taking tales and heart-breaking prose. Sing to brand new heights. Dance more majestically and graceful than one can believe.

Give it your all. Exercise your creativity.

There was a time where Christian Artists where the ones leading the enlightenment. The return to Truth.

Followers of Christ should be the ones leading the way for the entire world to see.

I have so many more thoughts, dreams and visions about where this can go. For now. All of my beloved artists.

Work tirelessly. Give it all you have to give. Express to all of God’s people what he has blessed you with.


Much Love


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