New Year, New Me

It isn’t the New Year yet and this is not a personal journal to dwaddle on about insignificant day to day motions.

Spellcheck says that I just created a new word called dwaddle. I like the word and it seems to convey the monotonous and boring read that would be someones day to day. Detail by detail.

Like the fact that I just reached back and cracked my back. It was very satisfying. So lets stop dwaddling here. Lest we become dwaddlers.

Lately I have been spending a lot of time looking at my tattoo on my forearm, the one that reads “By Grace Through Faith” in script. I often think about getting a second tattoo to further my commitment to my beliefs and statements but I worry that a new tattoo will take away from the importance and significance that is my first and currently only tattoo.

Man oh man does that tattoo mean a lot to me. I don’t always honor my commitment and purpose of placing this ink upon my skin but that doesn’t make it fade away. This ink is here for life. Only i can see its little imperfections but it is there with me always and forever. The question remains though, would a second tattoo devalue what i already have.

Before you get upset about me dwaddling. I wasn’t. Always keep your eyes open for metaphors and analogies with this writer. They come from everything. I once compared myself to dirty laundry and explained Christ as my spin cycle. That flips my World round and round until I am clean. I still kind of like that image though. Well I digress. Back to tattoos.

I know that when I do get another tattoo. It will be unique and different. It will hold its own importance. It will not overshadow my first tattoo. They will be equals. Separate but equal. I am normally against segregation but not this time.

I can’t say with my full heart that this tattoo conundrum carries over to relationships in life. We would all love to know our friends and loved ones as well as I know my ink. The truth is, you can have the closest friend for any number of years and one day see a brand new scar across their chest that you never could have imagined existed.

The new tattoo. Now that represents change. Change in so many capacities. A newness in a sense. A newness that a tattoo would deal with without a problem. A newness that a relationship will handle in an unpredictable manner.

It may quite possibly overshadow that original tattoo and surely will change its value, its meaning, its purpose. It is hard. Life can’t always be predicted. It is stagnant sometimes with inevitability. It is unstable, as are people, even those we love.

I don’t’ know where this post is going. I am just preparing. I urge you all to never fear change and preparation for that change. Always bring your best to this challenge that is life.  Don’t let the importance of that first tattoo disguise the potential of a second and new tattoo. Be prepared friends.

Much Love


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