First off…

I never want to be in a career. Don’t let me. If I am ever paid for writing don’t let me hear you call it a career. If I end up working on radio full-time don’t let me hear you call it a career.

Many that I know are far too concerned with a career and what they will be doing next. I don’t see the world in that light. That doesn’t mean I will be sitting on a couch for the rest of my life or that I won’t settle down. But my job description will never be allowed to define who I am. You need to work to provide for yourself and others, that is understood. My work will never be my life though.

God’s work is my mission and purpose. The days when my work and God’s work cross over and coincide. I will gladly recognize that fact.

In society, in families, to friends. Life and decisions always have to have immediate reasoning. Everything has to be validated in cultural or man-made terms.

I guess I don’t prescribe to the same subscription of life as many that I know. I would never call myself the most patient person in the world but life cannot be rushed.

I make mistakes and staying aligned with God’s purpose is never easy for me. I learn though. I always get back on track. And it is always worth it.

I am always pursuing God’s goals. There never seems an end to my pursuit. For me, though, that is the best type of news. God is always giving me something more or new. My load is never to heavy because He is carrying it along the way. When life is stagnant for too long of a period of time I become impatient and not myself. This is where I learn patience with life because those stagnant periods aren’t truly stagnant…they are huge opportunities for growth and development.

I really don’t have much more to say other that God is good and my next step in God’s plan is taking me to Colorado. This next step has no immediate validation to give anyone. I know it is right though. I cannot wait.

Much Love


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