Christmas Memories

Christmas memories?

Do I recall the  “everything-must-be-perfect” attitudes leading up to the day?

Do I relish in the hearty laughter and the tantalizing aromas from the stove?

Yes is the answer to both accounts

In all the memories, though, what is it that stuck so prominently?

What will I grasp onto through all life’s trials and challenges?

I guess it is better to explain through imagery:

An over powering scent of pine bulldozes over each of our noses

The charming harmonies of a certain Jewish man bellows through the house

“Hark the Herald Angel”  and “Silent Night” are our ways to reflect upon Christmas morn

Smiles spark with one and stretch on across the room

Paper is teared and yelps of jubilation resound

Two parents sit idly by enduring the fact that “it was all worth it”

What do I cling to?

What will I cherish and never forget?

A lesson that I will pass down.

A lesson in how should family operate.

A lesson in love.

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