Cloaked in imperfection

My shallow heart chooses

To embrace mistake after mistake

I can’t seem to smash this shell

Anticipating everyone one of my moves

My cold cage closes in

I yearn to be free

Yet my will is weak

Succumbing to this world’s persuasion

Alone I am sinking quickly to new found lows

I have built my own cell and lost the key

I can only plead for these bars to be bent

Some outside force must intervene

Or I will suffocate under my own sullen path

There is One they say

One who could break my chains and lift my head

One who has prepared the way

Can You save me with your Grace?

Will Your love secure my fate?

Has Your sacrifice liberated me from pain?

I need You

So that I can be me

Take me, steal me from this place

A Savior has lifted this seal

I will grin as these shackles fall away

I will gladly be a prisoner for Him

Much Love….BGTF

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