Whispers in the Wind

As I spent time with some friends today after a brief and scrumptious lunch, in Walton, I had a small revelation of sorts. Just being outside on campus surrounded by blue skies that stretch on forever.  I felt absolutely comfortable and relaxed. The smell and taste of the air is crisper than it has ever been, and the breeze crashing upon my face just forced an awkward smile to spread across my lips. God’s creative nature is enthralling and undeniable, simple as that. I remember going over the bridge this afternoon and watching the wrinkles in the water rock back and forth like a mother tenderly hold her newborn. I sensed everything I love float to the surface of that river and pour itself all over me. It is such a strange sensation to know God’s presence but I cannot deny these inklings that engulf me in raw emotion. I can hear Him whispering in the wind. I can feel His embrace from the sun. I am so grateful for all I have, my friends, my family, my gifts, my loves, and my goals. I have been blessed over and over again in my darkness. I cannot possibly find myself deserving of all I have, but yet my stance is steady under His loving gaze.

Days like these are unparalleled and without frustration. I can be beaten down, physically and mentally but I know my spirit can be held Invincible. I pray this encouraging atmosphere lasts and lingers in my soul. I know my worries are gone, dead and unnecessary and I am freed By Grace and life finds its point Through Faith. BGTF. My motto, be prepared to here it often.

Much Love

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